Wednesday, July 11, 2007

craft fair checklist

This will probably be the most useful spot of information I can post for those who want to get into the craft fair circuit. Here is a handy-dandy checklist of the most needed items for a successful event. Keep in mind, that your particular craft may require something special or unique that isn't listed. I will try to keep this list as universal as possible. Please let me know if I am missing anything.

Basic set up supplies:
  • 10x10 tent (if fair is outdoors...being protected from the sun will help during a long day. oh, make sure you have weights or spikes to keep your tent from blowing away)
  • tent wall(s) (you can buy walls for many tents or make one using fabric. a wall can help cut down wind and sun)
  • tables (unless one is provided, i suggest getting one of those folding plastic banquet tables)
  • chairs (if not provided, you need something comfortable to sit on. padded folding chairs are good)
  • displays/stands (depending on your product you may want some displays for your tables that highlight your product)
  • toolbox (if you have any sort of home-built display, you may need to have some tools handy in case a repair is needed. ie: hammer, nails, duct tape, glue etc)
  • tablecloths (you can sew something, buy one, or even use a clean sheet. something plain that doesn't distract from your product is best)
  • sign/banner (make sure your biz's name is visible. again, buy or make one)
  • lights/extension cord (if you have access to electricity it might be nice to light your products)
Selling supplies:
  • your product (obviously bring more than you think you will need and bring a lot of variety)
  • pricing signs (make sure your prices are clearly visible)
  • extra/blank signs (in case you need to change a price or have a sale item)
  • sales bags (customers appreciate something to carry their purchase in)
  • newspaper/tissue (to wrap any fragile items you sell)
  • money box containing the following:
  • change (start off with enough change... coins, ones, fives, tens... i usually start with about $100 in change)
  • calculator
  • sales pads (i use the carbonless, 2 part, small pads and write every sale down. it helps me keep track of what i've sold and i can just add up the totals at the end of the day. this is an example and can be bought at any office supply store.
  • pens & pencils
Promotional supplies: (i usually keep things things together on a little table)
  • business cards / postcards (bring a ton)
  • e-mail / mailing list w/ pen (so people can sign up to receive updates on your biz)
  • catalog (not necessary but might be nice to have)
  • invitations/fliers (for any upcoming shows you might be in)
Miscellaneous supplies:
  • small cooler (for a lunch, snacks , water etc... you want to stay fed and hydrated)
  • tape
  • scissors
  • string
  • emergency kit w/ needle & thread, safety pins
  • pad of paper (for notes, orders, etc)
  • bag for garbage
  • comfy clothes, sunglasses, sunscreen etc. (anything that will keep you comfortable on those long craft days)
  • a book (yes, there are down times. have something to pass the time but don't be too obvious about it. if customers come by, put the book away)
  • a friend (having someone to help and talk to can be a blessing. plus you have someone to watch your booth if you need a potty break)

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